Brain Detox: What to Expect

May 22, 2020

No matter where we live, we are exposed to toxins from our environment, our foods, our water, the chemicals we use in our homes and on our bodies, and the air that we breathe.

This fall cleanse will focus on main practices to keep your brain healthy, as there are myriad naturopathic ways to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. As with all detoxification, there is also some focus on the liver.

Detox workshop includes all supplements necessary, as well as a cleanse booklet with instructions and recipes. This fall our classes will be targeted towards brain function and brain health moving forward. The classes will be full of information that you can use to help improve and prolong excellent brain function.

What improvements can you expect?

* Clearer Thinking
* Increased Energy
* Better Digestive Function
* Better Overall Liver Function
* Fewer (or NO!) Headaches
* Weight Loss
* Clear Skin
* Hormonal Balance (fewer hot flashes, less PMS)
* Less Joint Pain
* Improved Nutritional Habits
* Up-To-Date Information about Toxins

What are the basic detox guidelines?


* Dairy
* Eggs
* Glutens
* Refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cookies, muffins)
* Sugar
* Caffeine
* Alcohol
* Red meat
* Toxic Cleaning Chemicals
* Personal care products with toxins (will be discussed during the classes)

What you can have:

* Detox supplements, which includes a protein powder
* Fruits and vegetables
* Whole grains, as long as they are gluten free
* Lean organic chicken and seafood that is low in mercury
* There are lots of awesome recipes and a meal planning guide in the Detox instruction booklet!

Is there anything natural that has been proven to help reverse cognitive decline?

Yes! There are a number of things and Dr. Thyr will present them and the science behind them during the cleanse classes.

Will I have to fast?

No - that is not a part of this cleanse workshop, although we will discuss intermittent fasting and the health benefits of that.

Will I have to be a vegetarian?

No - this type of cleanse includes many types of healthy eating, and getting plenty of protein is critical to continue excellent brain function.

Are the supplements well tolerated?

Yes! Dr. Thyr has experience with all of the supplements utilized during the cleanse, including some of the new brain health additions.

How long is the detox?

This fall cleanse is two weeks. There are three meetings and the cleanse will go on from the first to the last. Some people prefer to do a longer cleanse, and Dr. Thyr can help suggest ways to continue that.

For someone with a very busy work and family schedule, is this a good idea?

Everyone can benefit from doing a detox. Anytime you want to really do it well, you must take the time to focus on it, the activities and prepare healthy food to eat. For some people if they are too busy, this might be too much to ask. During a cleanse it is not easy to “grab and go” like we do often in life.

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